American 4 Point Grade System for Quality Assurance.

Agile Infrastructure. Each Unit of Swamy Cotton is housed in modern pillar-less structures. We have deployed state-of-art equipment, explore recent developments in technology and tap the technical expertise of our professionals to produce top quality fabric products.

‘Power’ful & Swift Delivery. Swamy Cotton is connected with 1500 K.V A. load of H.T with an exclusive transformer installed in the premises. Four Generators with a total capacity of 1500 K.V.A ensure uninterrupted operations. The production units are well-connected with major roads leading to all international airports.

The well-kept humidification plant maintains the required relative humidly, round the clock. The looms are suitably modified so as to accommodate additional teams at the top. Weaves requiring differential tension in the warp yarn also could be woven.

Environment-friendly. Swamy Cotton factories are strategically located to get sufficient water supply for our operations, while not compromising on environment-friendly measures. We ensure compliance to all government body norms.

People-friendly. The company has over 300 personnel staff on its rolls and well-maintained hostel facilities are offered for our workforce. Regular in plant training schemes keeps our technicians abreast of the latest developments in the textile industry.

Training Programs. In addition to in-plant technical training to the employees, we provide training on personality development / time management and total quality Management.

Education.We believe that a work place should develop as a place of learning and growing. Swamy cotton involved in helping our workers pursuing education 10th, +2 and Degree along with computer courses, Yoga classes and cultural program training.

Foresight. Innovation and diversification are the key strengths of the company. The company has decided to install a Printing Unit and home textiles Division to complete the cycle. Our New Brand expected to be launched by end of 2020.


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Spinning Division

Capable of handling diverse count ranges, Swamy Cotton spinning units operate over 12,000 spindles. All our modern machineries right from blow room to ring frames are from renowned and quality-focused LMW group. We have installed cutting-edge imported equipment comprising three Numbers of Schlafhorst 338 auto coners.

To ensure supreme performance and swift delivery, we have ensured that the entire output of the spinning unit is auto-leveled, auto-coned and Siro-cleared. The unit’s commitment on speedy performance and perfection is never compromised.

Quality of the spinning output mainly depends upon the Quality of the raw material. We use only the finest cotton that is guaranteed to produce 100% contamination free yarn. Our well-equipped lab facility ensures quality standards at every stage of the spinning process.

Sizing & Textile Division

The company has Ambika make automatic sizing machine with double sow box sizing facility, up to 13,000 ends which makes beams perfect for high level efficiency, having production capacity of 4000 Kgs. Per day to get good quality sized beams to feed the automatic looms division.

Weaving Division

Our weaving unit is capable of dealing with the most difficult fabrics with efficiency. Our weaving production capacity is estimated at 4 million meters of 150 inch wide fabric per annum approximately. The looms are equipped with middle tucking units. All our looms are connected to online monitoring system (Loom data).

Our weaving capability ensures that fabric with ranging from 13” to 150” can be woven – either single width or multiple widths. Weft mixer facilities are incorporated so that the inherent unevenness in the yarn is averaged out and the fabric produced is top class.

Our loom shed is installed with 84 imported Sulzer projectile weaving machines. We have professional and technically-strong Sulzer maintenance team lead by an experienced weaving technician who has had his sulzer training at sulzer Brothers, Winterthur Switzerland.

We conduct regular in-plant training programmes such that we shall never face the want of weaving operators or Sulzer maintenance technicians. We have established a strong weaving unit fortified with expert hands.

In cotton textile manufacturing quality starts right from the selection of raw cotton. We ensure that, at every stage the product passes through stringent quality test. Yarns meeting the required stringent standards only are allowed to reach the loom.