Swamy Cotton’s Quality Assurance revolves around ‘quality production or no production.

Quality First

In cotton textile manufacturing quality starts right from the selection of raw cotton. We ensure that, at every stage the product passes through stringent quality test. Yarns meeting the required stringent standards only are allowed to reach the loom.

Loom Quality

In the loom shed the quality controller scrutinizes the first meter produced. Only after the quality controller’s approval the loom will proceed towards the production process. In addition to the weaver who checks the product quality, our quality checkers check and doubly ensure loom quality check consistently. They are authorized to stop any loom the fabric of which is suspected to be of not meeting quality standards.

Prestigious 4-Point System

The grey warehouse is equipped with well-lit inspection tables. The prestigious 4 point system is followed to grade the fabrics. Thanks to these practices we are proud that we have almost reached our target of zero defect fabric.

Quality Advantage

  • Our facilities fulfill government norms and international quality standards.
  • Right from the raw material to the finished product, quality control is stringently exercised.
  • Every yard of fabric is thoroughly checked with our in-house Quality Assurance Team.
  • The fabric undergoes quality control test at our Quality Control Laboratory.
  • The QC lab is fortified with complete facilities to ensure that our garments meet customer’s unique requirements as well as specifications.